The Bobby McIlvaine Act

Sixteen years after the fateful events of September 11, 2001, it is time once and for all for the U.S. Congress to open an unbiased investigation and use its subpoena power to uncover the full truth surrounding the destruction of the three World Trade Center towers.

The Bobby McIlvaine Act — named after a 26-year-old who was tragically killed entering the North Tower and whose father Bob has been an outspoken advocate for a new investigation — would empanel a select committee in either chamber to reinvestigate the disaster.

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Urge Your Legislators to Introduce the Act

Help us put pressure on your representatives by sending a pre-written email urging them to endorse the act.

Other Ways To Take Action

Snail Mail

Download our package (your letter, Bob McIlvaine’s letter, and the text of the bill) and mail it to your congressperson and senators.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a meeting between you, a representative of AE911Truth, and a staff member of your congressperson’s local office.

Town Hall

Attend your congressperson’s next town hall meeting and urge him or her to support the Bobby McIlvaine Act.

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